Sunday School, Confirmation, and Adult Bible Studies follow the same schedule. Each meet on Sundays 9:15 AM- 10:15 AM, starting the week after Labor Day and continuing until the Sunday prior to Memorial Day.

Sunday School

Calvary is devoted to creating an environment where children have the opportunity to explore the truths of the Bible and nurture positive lifelong behaviors. Beginning at the age of four and continuing throughout their elementary education, each child will be provided the tools to express themselves creatively from a young age, develop a sense of belonging among their peers, and cultivate the foundations for a personal relationship with Christ.


Calvary warmly extends the opportunity for adolescents to discover their personal journey in faith, and bolster their bonds to the community and those around them. Confirmation is where one develops a personal identity within the church and takes responsibility of their relationship with God. To this end, Confirmands will be guided through topics such as the Old and New Testaments, The Ten Commandments, The Creeds, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Sacraments. Throughout these teachings, moral and ethical values for decision making will be instilled, and will endure for life.

Adult Bible Study

The Bible has so much to teach that not even a lifetime may be enough to unpack and interpret its many messages. But as many hands make for light work, many minds create mutual understanding. For those committed to continuing their growth in faith without limitation, the adult Bible study is a place you can call home.